Terms of Use



In order to confirm the reservation, EasyApartmentRental must receive an online prepayment, which usually is the 20% - 30% of the total amount of the reservation. Payment must be proceeded using credit card or via PayPal.  The booking is confirmed when the client receives the confirmation email with all the reservation details.

The client must indicate the number of guests included within the booking while doing the reservation, unless otherwise agreed with EasyApartmentRental. Only the number of persons indicated when booking, shall be authorized to use the apartment. The number of persons who may use the apartment may not exceed the number of persons allocated for each apartment, except for children under three years old. Pets are only allowed where permission has specifically been granted.

All the reservations made trough online booking system can be subject of cancelation or modification within 48h.



The required payment amount depends on: the selected apartment, the number of guests, the length of the stay and the possible extra services required. Part of the reservation total amount (usually 20 - 30%) must be prepaid online on easyapartmentrental.com, to guarantee reservation. The remaining balance, including check in & cleaning fee or additional services if required, have to be paid by the client upon arrival in cash (for some apartments credit cards like Visa, Maestro or MasterCard are accepted by adding a surcharge of 3% or of 4% for American Express).  Please consult with us before arrival.



A deposit amount for each apartment is specified in the reservation form and confirmation email. Upon arrival, guests are asked to leave the damage deposit in cash or do a credit card authorization of an equal amount to what required. The deposit will be refunded at the moment of check out or maximum within the 10 coming days. Depending on the apartment reserved, the damage deposit ranging will be from 100-400 Euro.

Please note that by accepting our Terms and Conditions you agree that any damage caused to the apartment during the rental period, by you or your party, will be deducted from the depositThe same regards to respectful and careful usage of property items, respecting the night (quite) hours and the regulations of the community.


The following cancellation charges will be applied depending on the number of days before the beginning of the rental period:

- from 90 to 60 days before arrival: 10% of the total amount. 
- from 59 to 30 days before arrival: 30% of the total amount. 
- from 29 to 0 days before arrival: 50% of the total amount


Please note that the prepayment is non-refundable, not even in case of force majeure.
If EasyApartmentRental is unable to provide the booked property , it reserve the right to transfer guests to a property with similar characteristics. If no agreement can be reached, both contractual parties are authorized to cancel the contract. In this case EasyApartmentRental will not be liable for further claims by the client and will refund to the client all monies paid (except the part corresponding to the days that the apartment was used, if this were the case).

All type of cancellations or changes must be made via email or phone. The new reservation email will be sent with new reservation details.


Modification of Reservation

Number of guests:  if the number of guests changes after the booking confirmation,  a supplement for each exceeding person will be required upon arrival, unless otherwise agreed with the owner. Only the number of guests indicated in the booking is authorized to use the accommodation. The number of persons who may use the accommodation must not exceed its maximum capacity, with the only exception for children under three years old. In case of infringement of these obligations, the owner is entitled to evict the client and his/her guests from the accommodation; thereby forfeiting the right to any compensation by the client.

Number of days: in case of shorter stays, the remaining balance will be calculated for fewer days; on the contrary, for longer stays, the additional amount will be added to the remaining balance and will have to be paid upon arrival.

Change of apartment: in case the client wants to change the reserved apartment with another available one, the balance of the payment will be calculated on the price of the chosen apartment, as showed online in the modification date.



Please ensure that we have received the confirmation email with the arrival details and the information required, in order to have the apartment prepared for the check-in. In case of any delay or change please keep the local agent informed about it. The contact person will be provided with your telephone number, email address and arrival time. Please supply your arrival information through the booking form or send it via e-mail to info@easyapartmentrental.com.
The confirmation email clearly states where to meet your contact person on the day of the arrival. You will have to call the person on arrival at the airport (or 1 hour before the check in). Check in person will wait for you at the apartment or close to it, to show you the accommodation, give you the keys, take care of the payment, arrange deposit and check out.
It is extremely important for us to have an updated arrival time. Not having this information may delay your check in and make you wait for the agent. 
Please note: Check in time starts from 12:00 pm, please contact us for earlier arrivals and we will try to organize it, depending on availability and time. For arrivals after 9:00 pm, there might be a late check-in extra fee (specified for each apartment).

Depending on availability, we also offer a pick up service from the airport, bookable via email at info@easyapartmentrental.com


Departure time is at 12:00 am or before. If you require a later check out please consult upon arrival and we will try to accommodate you longer. If possible, you can stay in the apartment until 08.00 pm, paying 50% of the rental cost per night. Any departure after 08:00 pm will be subject to the full price per night. On the departure day you should leave the apartment tidy with all the rubbish correctly disposed. Please leave ALL sets of keys on the table and shut the door firmly behind you after having made sure that you have all your belongings.



You are also expected to show consideration and respect towards your neighbours. Please be considerate of noise, particularly in the evenings and at night.

If a client or his/her guests not behave in a suitably responsible manner, the owner reserves the right to evict the client and his/her guests from the accommodation; thereby forfeiting the right to any compensation by the client. Any specific rule and regulation for the accommodation and its surroundings must be respected at all times.

If any damage is done to the accommodation or its equipment, you must inform the owner/contact immediately, so that repairs can be dealt with as soon as possible.

Neither EasyApartmentRental nor the owner of the apartment shall be liable for any direct or indirect damages that may arise as a consequence of the use by the client of the apartment, including without limitation, damages, insurance, losses because of fire, robbery or criminal behavior.


Applicable law


Since Easyapartmentrental is stationed in Latvia, these conditions are subject to Latvian law. The Latvian Courts shall have sole jurisdiction in the event of legal action concerning an accommodation booking with SIA Dafne Real Estate


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