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Travelling is one of the best things to do in life as it gives you the chance to experience different cultures, discover beautiful places and enjoy new experiences. While hotel rooms are what most travelers choose, these are not exactly always comfortable and neither are they cost-effective.

EasyApartmentRental was born to meet the necessity that travelers often encounter in the traditional lodgings, missing the space and the amenities that they are used to at home.


Hotels lack in privacy, comfort and amenities that you would miss while travelling, that’s why at Easy Apartment Rental we are dedicated to helping you find your home away from home!

EasyApartmentRental is the perfect alternative to traditional hotels or residences. Our handpicked fully equipped properties have been carefully selected in neighborhoods full of interesting things to explore, easily accessible, safe and in close proximity to the main points of interest in your chosen destination.

Whether you want an apartment in a lively touristic spot, a flat by the beach, or a four bedroom house with a garden in a quiet, family-friendly area, you’ll find it in our website! We offer a variety of fully equipped apartments for short term rent, available on a turn-key basis.

Our rental vacation apartments provide a far more economical, flexible and welcoming setting than a typical hotel room. Whether you need a one-bedroom or multiple-bedroom accommodation, EasyApartmentRental can provide the options of all sizes and types, apart from the amenities and the comfort of a home away from home. Complete with extra living as well as dining spaces, full-size kitchens equipped with all the necessary housewares, separate sleeping areas, basic cable television, fast internet connection up and running when you arrive and more facilities on request.  All of these features and more make every guest's stay far more relaxing without having to compromise on privacy.

You would no longer have to fight the holiday crowds at hotels or stay in cramped spaces to save money because our selected properties are comfortable as well as cost-effective! Unlike hotels our accommodations are fully equipped combining the comfort of staying in an apartment with the additional convenience of extra services like housekeeping and more.

EasyApartmentRental is the reference point for those who are looking for short-term accommodation solutions, whether it is for tourism, relocation or a simple business trip.

We want you to feel at home in your chosen city, to experience the unique feeling of living like a local in one of our handpicked short-term apartment rentals. So avoid rip-off restaurants, tourist traps and tacky souvenir shops during your holiday. We work hard to make sure your total experience will be an outstanding one!

So why put up with small rooms without any warmth and pay exorbitant rates for it?

Contact today our reservation service and book your next amazing vacation apartment!